The Mid-Atlantic Monument Builders Convention attracts over 500 people not only from the Mid-Atlantic region but throughout New York, New England and the rest of the country.

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Exhibitor Benefits

Why you should go

Meet and Greet

Take advantage of a great opportunity to meet and greet your existing customers and potentially gain new ones.

Showcase Your Product

You will be able to showcase your products to your existing customers as well as any potentially new customers.

Largest Trade Show

You could be a part of the largest regional trade show in the country.

Updates for exhibitors

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Information we need from you

Information & Instructions for ad submission

Each displayer must take at least a 1/2 page ad in our booklet.
The ad must be in color and the copy must be camera ready.
Page sizes are 8.5x11 CRUISE BOOKLET 5.5X6.5



At the door:

Booth Space - No booth space for 2020

Each Exhibitor is allowed up to 3 booths
Booths are sold on a first come, first serve basis
Small booths, against the wall, will be given to late entries or upon request, monument restrictions apply

Crating - $175 per unit NO CRATES 2020

*Crating fees are for monuments only*

Ad Space

Half page: $300
Full page: $400

Hotel Room - $179/night

Please visit the Hotel & Restaurants page to reserve your room


General Convention Information

What you need to know

General Information

Download Registration Form >>

Registration Form

Don't want to submit your registration online? That's okay, you can download the registration form here.

Download Registration Form >>

2018 Convention Newsletter

If you did not receive a newsletter, you can download it here.

Download the newsletter >>

Exhibitor Hotel & Display Requirements

For your information

Marriott Electricity & Internet PSAV form

Please follow the link below to download the PSAV form from the Marriott.

Download form >>

UPS Store guidelines

Please follow the link below to download the shipping guidelines from the UPS Store.

Download guidelines >>

Display Requirements

Drawing and specifications for each unit (die and base or other) will be needed from each exhibitor in order to set up displays.

All exhibitors are required to keep their booth open until the show closes. While your booth is open, at least one representative from your company must be present at all times. .

If your units are not clearly marked, they will only be set up at the discretion of the committee.
Example of a clearly marked crate: Unit 1A top, Unit 1B base (your company name should appear on all pieces of crating)

Make sure that your company name appears on the bottom of the crate as well as all other pieces of crating.

Each exhibitor (manufacturers and suppliers) must supply the committee with an exact list of what they will be bringing to the show. Every item must be pre-approved by the committee, which includes backdrops and signs. Since this is a monument show, only items related to the cemetery monuments will be allowed. No ornamental landscape pieces will be accepted. Benches and statues related to cemetery monuments are are acceptable.

Setup will take place on Thursday. NO ONE other than the committee members are allowed in the room on Thursday, during the setup. This is a whole day process and we ask that you stay out of the exhibit area during this time. Table top exhibitors only will be allowed into the Exhibit Hall at 4:00pm.

Please fax or email all necessary information to:
Rick: (703) 368-3505
Nate: (717) 944-3636


Booth size

The approximate size for each booth is 10'x7'

There will be 10 smaller booths (table top display only) along the entrance wall in the ballroom.
The tables must be against the wall. All small booths will be the last sold, unless requested.

The approximate size for each of the small booths is 10'x5'.

Monument size (guidelines)

The maximum number of monuments per booth is 6, with a base length not to exceed a total of 20 linear feet.

The amount of monuments per booth is based on linear feet. Allow at least one foot of buffer space between each unit (side to side/back to back) in your display.

Regardless of number of booths, each exhibitor is allowed to bring one monument that is sized:

Acceptable Die sizes are as follows:

Acceptable Base sizes are as follows:

Unacceptable sizes are as follows:

Statues up to 5' are permitted (please consider stability, as they will be set up on carpet)

Cremation units, benches, statues, and non-standard monuments are subject to approval of the exhibit committee.

Table-top Exhibitors

Please provide a list of what you are bringing for approval by the committee. You are responsible for the setup of your own display.

Setup for the table-top exhibits is Thursday after 4:00pm and then again on Friday morning at 7:00am.
Please have everything ready and in place by 9:00am. No early teardowns are allowed. The show ends after the banquet on Saturday. Your boxes will be in your booths for teardown on Sunday morning at 8:00am.

Shipping & Crating

What you need to know


Please fax or email all necessary information to:

Rick: (703) 368-3505
Nate: (717) 944-3636

Monuments should be shipped via:

You are responsible for for the shipping of granite to and from the convention.

If for any reason you wish to change shipping companies during the convention, you are responsible for making those arrangements.

It is your responsibility to make arrangements to ship any item that you sell at the convention. Please contact the appropriate shipping company in order to do so.

Every item must be approved. Do not ship anything via truck that was not approved as it will NOT be set up for display.

If you have any questions, you may send us a fax or email us:
Rick: (703) 368-3505
Nate: (717) 944-3636

Please be advised: The Mid-Atlantic committee is not responsible for any shipping costs incurred by switching to an alternate carrier and we are not responsible for changing carriers for you.

UPS guidelines >>


All pieces must be marked with the following:

Split crate for dies

Top crating only for bases

Crating that does not follow these specifications will result in a fine for each monument, which will be payable immediately, to ensure set up of your display.

The committee reserves the right to refuse to setup monuments that are improperly crated.

Exhibitor FAQS

What you'll need to know

Who and what is Mid-Atlantic Monument Builders

The organization is comprised of monument builders from the following states: PA, NJ, MD, DE, VA, WV, & DC. The sole purpose of the Mid-Atlantic Monument Builders is to host a full industry wide exhibit every other year.

Who and what is the Mid-Atlantic Monument Builders Committee?

The committee is comprised of delegates from each of the states; they are appointed by their state organizations. There is also an Executive Director and a Treasurer on the committee. Committee members help in organizing the display, the program and set—up. Jim Gingrich - Executive Director, Geoff Irwin - Treasurer, Rick Burroughs - Exhibit Chairman, Nate Gingrich - Exhibit Chairman

Who can join? What are the dues?

Mid-Atlantic Monument Builders has no formal membership. Since there is no membership, there are no dues.

What are the costs involved in attending?

Registration fees for retailers. Manufacturers and suppliers pay for registration fees plus booth space. Manufacturers also pay crating fees for the monuments that are on display. Everyone is of course responsible for the hotel costs, travel and incidentals. Manufacturers and suppliers are required to take at least a 1/2 page ad in the convention booklet.

Should I pre-register?

Yes, if at all possible. Pre-registering helps the committee to have your packets ready when you check in at the registration desk. Registration rates may be higher for those who register at the door.

What about registration for children and teenagers?

Children under the age of 4 years are free. Children age 4 - 11 years will be charged for kid's meal Children ages 12 - 17 will be charged for meals only. Email for prices.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes. Accepted cards are MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. You can pay directly from the registration area of the site. Please do not email us your credit card information.

Can I pay by check? If so, who do I make my check(s) out to?

You can pay via check. Both Full and Day Pass registration checks are to be made payable to Mid-Atlantic Monument Builders. Please send checks to the address listed on the Contact page.

Where is the conference held?

The location is the Marriott Waterfront in Baltimore, MD. 2020 Cruise on RCCL Independence of the Seas.

How do I reserve a room?

Please visit the Hotel & Restaurants page on our site to book your room directly through the hotel.

Does everyone who attends the show have to register and pay the fees?

Yes. No one is allowed into the display or the program until they have registered. Name badges are required for all events.

What do I do if I need to gain entrance after hours?

We hire security to stay in the display areas through the entire time the show is in progress. No one is allowed in the exhibit area except at the posted times. If you need to gain entrance after hours, you must contact one of the committee members.

Where do I send my registration information?

Registration can be sent to: Mid-Atlantic Monument Builders 568 North Union Street Middletown, PA 17057

Do you give out your mailing list?

No, we do not provide our mailing list to anyone.

What are the Sponsor levels and costs?

Sponsor packages: Platinum - $2000 Gold - $1000 Silver - $500 SILVER AND GOLD ONLY FOR THE CRUISE


After you register, download your checklist to make sure you cover all your bases!


Download your checklist


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